Le Kintessence, 2 Michelin stars restaurant in Courchevel, the Alps

As night falls, when the skies of Courchevel are filled with a myriad of stars, the stars of the gourmet restaurant Le Kintessence shine brightest. Under the leadership of the talented chef Jean-Rémi Caillon - who creates food inspired by original flavours - Le Kintessence expertly combines local, refined and seasonal products for a taste sensation. And, the pastry chef Sébastien Vauxion rips up the rule book, offering bold, high-quality patisserie.

Le Kintessence**

  • 2 Michelin stars Restaurant
  • Seasonal products, flavourful cuisine full of emotion, alpine inspiration
  • Cosy and intimate setting
  • Panoramic view over the mountains and the valley
  • Open in the evenings only from mid-december to mid-april
  • Closed mondays and afternoons
  • Valet service - Dress code: relaxed chic
  • Disabled access available


Full of emotion

A chef and culinary artisan, Jean-Rémi Caillon loves good produce and goes in search of the very best that man and nature have to offer. Surrounded by producers with “good taste”, he works his magic at Le Kintessence, the Michelin-starred restaurant at Le K2 Palace, an elegant kitchen where the product is showcased through all its flavours with a touch of Alpine inspiration. Dazzling with balance, subtlety and precision, Le Kintessence works with deep “umami” notes, prolonged by excellent wine and food pairings where local products take centre stage. The cherry on the cake - the breathtaking desserts by Sébastien Vauxion show that in patisserie, creativity is an infinite source of happiness. 

Passion & Emotion

At the heart of the product

Jean-Rémi’s unwavering calm in the kitchen oversees the finest details of every dish served at the two-Michelin-starred Le Kintessence restaurant.

Executive Chef of Le K2 Palace kitchens, his style permeates every aspect of the restaurant’s gastronomic offering. When asked about his cuisine, Jean-Rémi states that it is French and contemporary.