Le K2 Palace in Courchevel

Luxury Hotel & Spa - Palace 
Les 3 Vallées resort in Courchevel

In the skiing hall of fame, the Les 3 Vallées resort is king. A bijou resort nestled in an extensive white paradise, Courchevel is home to another gem: Le K2 Palace. At 1850 m facing the majestic Alps, a dream has become reality - made of wood and stone. A jewel of Le K2 Collections signature range, inspired by the Himalayas, Le K2 Palace brings together discreet luxury and authentic sophistication to provide accommodation, gourmet food and hospitality at altitude. Stay, taste, relax, discover: behind the words, a joy for the senses. 

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Luxury hotel in Courchevel, stay amongst the stars

Le K2 Palace, ski-in ski-out in Courchevel

From the Himalayas to the Alps, the beauty of open spaces floats like a little magic touch. Pushed by the wind to Le K2 Palace, it is invited into the  26 Rooms,  4 Suites and 4 Suite-Chalets in this superb, prestigious hamlet, and gives luxury a new home. Large open spaces, a breathtaking view and the warmth of the wood are just some the examples of a dazzling experience where comfort touches the stars. Discover the luxury hotel Le K2 Palace.

New extension at Le K2 Palace

From December 2023, Le K2 Palace will have five new suites-chalets, composed of 3 bedrooms including a majestic master bedroom. These exceptional living spaces inspired by Tibet, will be connected to the luxury hotel - the jewel of Le K2 Collections family group.

Gastronomy at the peak of flavour, 
Restaurant with 2 Michelin stars, dessert restaurant in Courchevel in the Alps

A delight for the taste buds, with cuisine inspired by absolute elegance: at Le K2 Palace, each restaurant offers a feast for the senses.  A restaurant with 2 Michelin stars, and a 2 Michelin stars gourmet dessert restaurant, a well-stocked cellar - from breakfast to dinner, good flavour is the artist in residence.