Gourmet dessert restaurant in Courchevel

At Le Sarkara, its gourmet dessert restaurant, Le K2 Palace offers a world first. In a magical, cosy setting at the heart of the establishment, the pastry chef Sébastien Vauxion takes desserts to dizzying heights, with a selection of extraordinary dishes cooked to order, a light starter, a hot main, a gourmet dessert. Unusual, avant-garde: at Le Sarkara, the experience is incredible.

Key facts

-    1 Michelin Star Restaurant
-    First gourmet dessert restaurant in the world
-    Bold dessert menu reinterpreted by Sébastien Vauxion
-    Open for lunch from 1pm to 4pm, Tuesday to Sunday
-    Closed on Mondays
-    Valet service
-    Disabled access available
-    Panoramic view of the mountains and the valley of Courchevel

Le K2 Palace
Le K2 Palace

Desserts like you’ve never seen them before

In the hands of the talented pastry chef Sébastien Vauxion, desserts take on a new dimension, breaking all the rules, to provide the palace with a world of sensations and flavours. Adapted to a menu playing on textures and combinations, he showcases the very best products: Cuban grand cru chocolate, Taha’a vanilla, Courchevel elderberries. For a starter, you are invited into the garden for an original, fresh and light experience. For your main, hot and cooked, you make a stunning discovery. The dessert is gourmet, in homage to the excellence of French patisserie. An ultimate revelation, a wonderful wake-up call, Le Sarkara makes dessert a limitless means of expression.