Le K’Baret,
Let the show begin!

With its red chairs and velvet padded walls, Le K’Baret transforms into a cinema, nightclub or stage as you wish. Dedicated to entertainment, rented on request for an experience with friends or to celebrate a festive event, it has a bar and the latest sound and lighting technologies. Le K’Baret is all about celebration.

Le K'Baret

The K’baret is a fully modular space that can be transformed according to the hotel's show schedule. Either a cinema room or a night club and of course a performance hall, dedicated to your private events if you wish, Le K’baret is your space, more or less as you wish.

Le K'Magic Show

When the impossible becomes a reality, the art of illusion takes place ... Exclusively, discover several times during the winter season an unforgettable magic show orchestrated by our magician Jean-Sébastien Bajolet.